Gear List for weekend in Glenmalure

Glenmalure is a pretty remote place so it is important that all scouts are PREPARED before going there. As the motto goes:  Be Prepared!


Right so, here is the list.


Hiking boots 
Two changes of clothes
Good waterproof raincoat with hood
Rain trousers or gaiters
Several pairs of thick socks
Warm Hat & Gloves
Thick jumper
Survival bag (sometimes called a bivvy bag – available for cheap in outdoor stores)
Eating utensils (whatever will get you by)
Sleeping bag
Ground mat
Water bottle
Torch (with extra batteries – you will be using this a lot)
Emergency rations (a few bars or sweets – don’t go over board)
A few black bags (for lining your rucksack if it rains)
Optional Gear (if you have it):
Map of Wicklow (Discovery Series 56)
GPS (or whatever cool nav gear you might have)
Pen knife
A deck of cards
Do not bring:
Mobile Phones
Spray Deoderant (just roll-on – the spray is a fire hazard)
Sheath knives (anything bigger than a penknife will be confiscated)
MP3 players (all personal music players are forbidden)
Electronic games
Fuel or anything the leaders deem a fire risk

Keep checking the website as the plan for the trip will be going up in the next week. Peace Out. 

The Leaders

Scout and Patrol of the Year Competitions have started – Good Luck

Time to get in gear, get out and about and try and win some great prizes for yourself and your patrol. The new marking system was brought in last night details are below.

New Grading system
Each scout is now required to turn up to meetings in full uniform with scouting trail book .
Full Uniform means: Scarf, woggle, shirt (ironed with badges), belt, trousers (official), black shoes (or hiking boots)  and dark socks.
Attendance: 1 point
Full Uniform: 3 points
Shirt and shoes: 1 point
Less than shirt and shoes: -1 point
Merit badges: 5 points
Scout awards:
Tracker award: 5 points
Explorer award: 5 points
Star award: 5 points
National Scout award: 15 points
Chief Scout award: 15 points
Special bonus points
Scout of the Camp (for scout spirit): 5 points
Scout of the month: 5 points
 – This is a new prize given monthly based on three criteria; scout of the year points, most improvement, and scout spirit. It will be awarded on the first meeting of every month and will be judged by the leaders.
*extra bonus points TBA
Scout of the year competition will end before the summer break and the winner will be given a prize.
Patrol of the Year
New grading system
Patrol of the year award will be based on the scout of the year (SOTY) points gained by patrol members.
However, patrol of the year marks will be awarded on a weekly basis and based on a ranking system.
For example, the patrol who get the most SOTY points in a given week will get 4 marks, the group that comes second will get 3 marks, the third 2 marks and last gets one mark.
***This ensures a tight competition even if the patrols are unbalanced (which they inevitably are).
The prize for Patrol of the Year will be a weekend away for the patrol somewhere of their choice (within budget and reason). It will be presented before the Jamboree this summer.
Each meeting:
1st : 4
2nd: 3
3rd: 2
4th: 1
Scores for patrol of the year and scout of the year will be compiled and tallied by Ian and will be available on the website.

It may sound complicated but you will get the jist after a week or two.

Good Luck!