Weekend away 21st- 23rd November


As advised at the Troop Meeting we are going hostelling for the weekend of 21st to 23rd November. The cost for the weekend is €35, this covers transport, food and accomodation.

We are going to the mountain ventures hostel in Glen of Imaal in south Wicklow … and yes this time it does have running water and showers. 

We have booked the entire hostel so we need as many Scouts as possible to go. The SPL’S and PL’s will be involved in planning the weekend so it should be good fun.  We hope all Scouts will attend. Let us know next Thursday 13th if you are coming with us.

The Leaders

Annual Camp 2009

We hope to have some definite news within the next couple of weeks in relation to Annual Camp next year. We are planning to go abroad, ( not America or Australia or China) so as soon as we have some firm information we will let you all know. The most likely dates will be early July or early August. 

The Leaders

Scout Uniform / Mobile phones

There is a definite improvement in the standard of our uniforms. All Scouts must wear full uniform to the Troop meetings. The Uniform consists of the Shirt, Trousers, Neckerchief and woggle, Belt and black footwear or hiking boots.

Mobile phones must be handed up at start of meeting and collected at end. It is not good manners to be texting or listening to music while Leaders are trying to run the programme, so a bit of respect please. 

The Leaders