eclaireurs raven bonjour

Just a reminder that you will also need to bring 2 tea towels for use in the House, not sure you will get them back so dont bring the best ones from your House.  We have tried to get Brackenstown neckerchiefs from the Scout shop but they are completely out of stock, see if you can borrow an extra one for Camp as it looks like they will not have them in stock before we go. 

The Leaders

Gearlist for France

Yo Ravens, this is a listing of gear you will need for Annual Camp in France.

You will all have most of this gear already, remember this is Annual Camp and is an activity based holiday, so therfore it is unwise to bring your brand new designer clothes. There are no catwalks on the campsite!

Right so, here is the list.

Firstly, we will not be bringing our Uniforms, you will have to wear your neckerchief at all times so make sure you bring a couple and also spare woggles.

Hiking boots
Runners (old for water sports)
A few changes of clothes
Good waterproof raincoat with hood
Rain trousers
Spare socks, underwear 
Warm fleece , jumper, although its summer !!!
Swim gear (only speedos or short swimming shorts because the French don’t let you into water parks with normal shorts)
Sun cream
Medications, to be handed to Leaders
Insect repellant
personal first aid kit
A bed sheet/sleeping bag liner. (not a sleeping bag)
Water bottle
A few black bags
A small day bag

All in a normal bag not a rucksack because it will be easier to load the bus.

if you have any questions leave a comment.

The Leaders