Hike – Tomorrow, Sat 27th

Yo Ravens,

We are meeting at the Den at 10am tomorrow. You will need your rain gear, lunch and 5 Euro. It will be cold so make sure to bring hat, gloves, scarf etc…. The full gear list is here

Also, can any scouts who have not yet returned their Activities Consent forms please bring them along.


Thursday 25th – Map and Compass work

Hi All,

We’ll be working on our map and compass skills this Thursday.

If you have a compass, bring it along and we’ll brush up on our navigation skillage in preparation for our hike on Saturday!

Also if anyone happened to pick up a pen knife last week can you please bring it along to the meeting?

See you all on Thursday!

Hike – Saturday 27th

Hi all,

A reminder that we will be going on a hike next Saturday in Wicklow. We are hoping as many scouts as possible will come.

It will be a day hike, and will be in Glendalough. Here is some stuff you will need to bring :

– Hiking boots
– Rain gear (top and bottoms)
– Warm hat
– Gloves
– Scarf
– Packed lunch
– Water
– Spare jumper
– Bivvy/Survival bag
– Neckerchief
– Whistle
– Torch
– Personal first aid kit (a few plasters)

– If you have it: map of Wicklow, compass, GPS.

See you all on Thursday!

Ready Steady Cook – Meeting at 6pm Thursday 18th October

Hi all,

A reminder that we will be meeting up at 6pm next Thursday to finish building our fires and start cooking delicious meals!

Can all Scouts remember to bring their torches and rain gear as we will be cooking outside?
A reminder for PLs – remember to organise your food shopping. You will also need to get wood, firelighters (maybe just one PL needs to buy one box of firelighters for everyone – get in contact with each other and sort it out!) and matches.

Each patrol will be graded on :
– Team work
– Food presentation
– Tastiness of Food
– Food hygiene


Raven of the Year

A massive congratulations to our winners of the Raven of the Year 2012. Well done to our top 3 Ravens who were presented with their prizes last Thursday. Worthy winners for the great effort you put in through the whole year.

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We have already kicked off the Raven of the Year 2013.  You can keep track of the leaderboard on the tab on top of this page. This is how you can earn points throughout the year:

Points Available
Meeting Attendance 1 point
Uniform :-
  Shirt 1 point
  Neckerchief 1 point
  Belt 1 point
  Trousers 1 point
  Shoes 1 point
Drill :-
  Winner 2 points
  Runner Up 1 point
Activities Attendance 5 points
Badgework 5 points for each Badge earned