Raven of the Year and Campfire Songs

Greetings Ravens,

We have updated the ¬†Raven of the Year Leaderboard¬†which sees a new leader storm into the lead! Well done to James for taking top spot, racking up loads of points with perfect uniform, getting stuck into badgework and helping out at the Ward River cleanup at the weekend. Danielle is not too far behind, with Stefanie also hot on their heels……. there are still plenty of points on offer between now and the end of June. Keep up the great work everyone.

Campfire SongsCampfire

We have started learning some campfire songs and will put links to the songs up on the website. We know the songs are unbelievably catchy but just in case you forget how they go, we’ll leave a link to them up here :

The Quartemaster’s Store:

Ging Gang Goolie: