Interpatrol Competition Update

We kicked off our Interpatrol competition last week. It will run for a total of 6 weeks and after Week 1 it is the Merlin patrol who “fly” into the lead in, will they be “soaring” high by the end of the competition. There are a load of points available – uniform inspections, patrol activity, drill, games and bonus points galore. Stefanie and Ronan picked up Bonus points last week by getting stuck in and helping others out. We’ll be keeping the leaderboard updated so keep an eye on the “Interpatrol Competition” section of the website (click on the tab at the top of this page).

Each Scout was given their patrol badges last week, these badges are part of your uniform so make sure to be wearing them tomorrow night!

Interpatrol Competition Leaderboard :

Merlin        467 points
Kestrel      417 points
Falcon       297.5 points
Eagle         189 points


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