Annual Camp 2013

Yo Ravens,

Annual Camp 2013 has been booked. We had such an awesome time in Lough Key last year that we’re gonna head back there. This is a fantastic campsite in Roscommon with great facilities. If you don’t believe me check it out here->

It will be a joint camp between ourselves and the Monday scouts so it’ll be great craic!
We will be spending a week on camp right in the middle of summer so we are (almost) guaranteed great weather! We’ll be staying there from Saturday 27th of July to 3rd August.

We are delighted that a  troop from Germany will also join us! In the spirit of the gathering and all that! (

The camp site where we will be staying is very close to the Lough Key forest park. There is loads and loads of stuff to do in Lough Key ( We will have a jam packed camp, much like last year:

– Swimming in the Lake
– Rowing out to an Island on Lough Key and Bivying
– Zip Lines (

– Boda Borg (

We are looking into costs and hoping to keep it as low as possible and it will likely cost below the €200 mark. Camp bank is now open so you can start paying into it straight away!

So, that’s just a taste of what we will be doing, we will also be doing badgework so everyone on camp will be awarded badges so bring your sewing kits, your arms will be full of badges by the end of the camp!!

Please let us know if you will be coming along so that we can plan around the numbers. Let us know if you have any questions.

Here is the “Key” info (see what I did there)  :

Where : Lough Key, Roscommon

When : Sat 27th July – Sat 3rd August

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