Thursday 8th – investiture and annual camp

Hi all,
A couple of announcements relating to tomorrow’s scout meeting:
A reminder we will be investing our newer members tomorrow at 7.30pm in the Den. Parents/guardians of the scouts being invested are welcome to attend, take photos etc… Full uniform will be needed for scouts to be invested.

We will also be holding an information event for this year’s annual camp. This will start at 8pm in the Den. This involves all scouts and we’d hope all parents would be able to attend. We’ll be providing information about the camp (Wed 25th July – Thurs 2nd August). More info can be found here:


Thank you all!

A massive thank to all the scouts, parents and leaders who gave up their time today delivering the directories around Swords.
The huge effort ensured we covered a lot of houses in Swords. The directory is a vital source of fundraising making scouting possible in Brackenstown!

Raven of the Year Winner!

We presented the Raven of the Year award for the 2016/17 Scouting year to Heather. Very well deserved, as she joins a long line of super scouts! She racked up points by consistently wearing perfect uniform, earning badges and showing up to every event and activity throughout the year. Well done Heather!

Who will take over this year???? there’s a good few scouts in the running….keep up the great work!dav

12 Days of Christmas tickets

Thanks to everyone who has returned the 12 Days of Christmas tickets and money.

Screenshot_2017-11-30-15-54-16.png Can we please get the remainder of tickets (sold and unsold) tonight/next week at the very latest. We’ve to send all tickets back to Head Office in time for the draw!

Lit Challenge

Patrols were challenged to burn through a piece of wool which was 6 feet away. Armed with 20 bamboo sticks, a tea light and elastic bands the patrols designed and built a structure to support their team light. Well done to each patrol for successfully completing the challenge.

Hi Shay!

We were missing one of our leaders, Shay, who is currently on the other side of the world, living it up!

So we sent him a message, Raven Troop style! 20171109_204327