Back in action

Great to see, in person, all our Scouts back in action last Thursday. We took full advantage of the weather having tasty sausie sambos and burgers.

The patrols were also challenged to transport as much water as they could, socially distancing from their fellow patrol members!! Congratulations to Ella and her Hedgehog Patrol who nearly filled their entire bucket!!

See you all again tomorrow!

Sustainable Scouting From Home

Hi all,

As discussed at last week’s meeting we will be working our way through the Sustainable Scouting from Home badge over the next few weeks.
Scouts discussed the different goals and looked through some of the activity sheets. The goal is to complete a minimum of 8 activity sheets spreading across all 5 Pillars to earn a Sustainable Scouting from Home badge.
Scouts can take photographs/videos of your activities and share it with us by sending emails to

All of the activity sheets and information is on the website:

Pick your favourite activity and give it a go when you have time!

SustainableScoutingfromHome #SSFH

Zoom Meeting – Thursday 14th at 7pm

Happy New Year everyone!

We will be following advice from Scouting Ireland and the Government in relation to Covid-19. The latest update is that all face-to-face Scouting is cancelled due to current restrictions on the Island of Ireland. Any Scouting activities must be conducted online.

We will have a Zoom meeting with all Scouts next Thursday 14th at 7pm. We will send details and the Zoom link closer to the time.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Sunday 13th – Backwoods day in Turvey

Hi all,
A reminder that we are going to have a Backwoods day tomorrow – building shelters and cooking in Turvey Woods in Donabate.
We will meet at the allotments car park at Turvey at 11.30am, we will probably finish about 3.30pm, as we cannot use the buses we will need parents to provide transport to and from the meeting place. (

Normal gear for activity will be needed:

  • Neckerchief
  • Rain Gear
  • Boots

Looking forward to see you all tomorrow!

Thursday – 10th Dec – Cake decorating

Thursday was a baking themed meeting with the Scouts putting their creative and artistic skills to use, designing and decorating cakes. The result was a patchwork of colourful and delicious looking cakes! Check out our collection of amazing cakes below

One of our Scouts made an extra effort creating an amazingly wonderful Gingerbread House. Well done Eve, it was fantastic and eye-catching Gingerbread House. Brilliant skills on display! There is still time to enter the Great Fingal Bake Off if any other Scouts are interested in entering:

Interpatrol Competition – Challenge 2

Raven Troop Interpatrol Competition Poster

Challenge 2  – Patrol Challenge:

The Hazel Patrol have taken an early lead in the Interpatrol competition but don’t worry, there’s plenty more time to catch up!!

The details of Challenge 2 are :
Meet together as a patrol during the week on Zoom or other video contact app.
Get as many members of your patrol involved as possible.

Find at least one object that all of you have in your house…. it could be a book, household item, item of clothing, box of cereal…..

  • Each member of your patrol will hold up the item (or items) so that it can be seen in the screen shot
  • Points will be awarded for :
    • patrols with the most members
    • most amount of common items (can you find 10 items that all of your patrol members have?)
    • creativity – use your imaginations!

The Patrol Leader will organise a screenshot to be taken. The screenshot needs to be sent to the leaders at before our meeting next Thursday.

Interpatrol Competition

Raven Troop Interpatrol Competition Poster

Hi all,

As discussed at our Zoom Meeting yesterday we are starting an Inter-patrol Competition between each of our 3 Patrols. This will run over the next few weeks. Each week your Patrol will be set a task which you must complete to earn points towards the competition. Points will be awarded based on:

  • Participation (amount of Scouts involved)
  • Creativity
  • Efficiency (submitting entries on time)
  • Organisational skills

Each week you will be given opportunities to rack up points so try your best at each challenge and we’ll see who comes out on top, at the end of the competition!!!

Week 1 – Patrol Challenge:

Meet together as a patrol during the week on Zoom or other video contact app.
Each patrol member holds up a word to make a phrase or message. The message can be an inspirational quote or saying which your Patrol can agree on. The Patrol Leader will organise a screenshot to be taken. The screenshot needs to be sent to the leaders at before our meeting next Thursday.

Your mission if you choose to accept it…

Raven Troop - Mission PossibleHi all,

We have listed 10 challenges below. How many can you complete? Your target is 5 (you can do them all if you want!) before next Thursday 7th May. You can ask whoever is at home for help/assistance! You will also need to take a photograph to prove your achievements!

You can then show us your achievements at our next Zoom meeting.
There is a chance of earning Special Interest badges by learning new skills or furthering existing skills!

Mission List

  1. Build a House of Cards at least 3 layers high
  2. Bake a Cake
  3. Prepare a meal for your family – Cookbook
  4. Help in the garden – weeding, watering plants, paint the shed….
  5. Identify and take a photo/draw 3 different types of birds near your house
  6. Setup an obstacle course indoor/in your garden
  7. Design a poster for the Raven Troop (must include a Raven!)
  8. Learn a new magic trick
  9. Replicate a famous painting:
  10. Write and post a letter to another Scout in our troop