9 comments on “Leaders

  1. Hello to all in 164th Brackenstown!

    Great to see that the old troop is still very much alive and kicking!
    It’s now over 15 years since I myself was a member and seeing that you have a website is great. during my time we had some momentous developements, such as the building of the new den and the introduction of girls to the troop ( Big news in those days! but a great addition!) and an increase in the activities we could engage in due both to the income from the scout directory and the improved economy in Ireland ( a long way from spending the weekend camping in Knocksedan).
    It is great to see that you all are still having fun- which is the most important thing! – I have to say that some of my best memories from my younger days involve my time with the 164th and great to see you are still visiting our old haunts in Wicklow where we spent many fantastic times. During this time I made many great friends who are still with me today – although now many of us now live in different countries and have wives kids etc we still keep in touch and have been bestmen and godfathers/godmothers to each others children. The people you meet around you now will be important to you for the rest of you life – this is the greatest part to the organisation as far as i am concerned.
    Best of luck to you all and all the best for the future.
    You are doing us old ones proud!

    Have fun and be good to each other.


  2. wat did the scouts camp in knocksedan dats were i live hahaha i sawed the campsite its scare int just stones nd stuff haahha

    u dont no who dis is

    bye bye

    from some randomer

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