Scout of the Year 2007 – Well done Katie

Super congrats to Katie Lynch for bagging the coveted scout of the year award last month. Katie has been working away on the badgework for some time and it really paid off when it came to the award. All of you should be doing the same for next year. (hint hint)

Really well done!!!!


[Sorry about the delay in sticking up the pic. It has been trapped in my phone for ages. Better late than never.]


Centenary Badge – Get your ideas together

As we were discussing last meeting we will be running Patrol based challenges to get the final part of the centenary badge. Get your thinking caps of and start planning. (see below to find out about the badge)


Centenary Badge 2008

A special Centenary Badge has been commissioned to be worn by all members during our Centenary Celebrations

The badge is comprised of two parts (or there are two badges)
The bottom portion of the badge can be purchased in the Outdoor AdventureStore and worn by ALL members of the Association for the year 2008.

The second badge (the top part) may be worn by members who have completed a specific task.

The badge(s) should be worn as a ‘Special Event’ badge as indicated on the association badge chart.

The Task

Simply, carry out a task/project/event/initiative involving the number ‘100’. The event MUST be thought up, planned and carried out by Scouts themselves as a team (i.e. a Beaver Lodge, a Cub Six/Clann Macaoimh, a Scout Patrol, a couple of Venture Scouts) The list overleaf will provide your members with a few ideas to set their imagaination to work.

Wear it for Life!!

The National Youth Programme Committee has decided that if the top portions of the badge have been earned then the complete badge Top and bottom can be worn for life.