Patrol Cooking challenge

P L’s dont forget this Thursday is the cooking challenge. You must prepare , cook and clean up all within the normal meeting time. All Patrol members must participate.  All ingredients are to be purchased with the 15 euro you received last Thursday. Receipts must be presented for all purchases. 

see you all then

The Leaders

Subs and Uniform

Remember subs are due now! if you have not already paid, please do so as soon as possible.

Full uniforms please, no white footwear!

PL’s, dont forget Cooking competition next week,


The Leaders

Back to Normal

All back to normal this Thursday, Troop Meeting starts  7  PM  finishes 9 PM.

Full uniform, no white footwear !

Also remember Subs is now due.

 see you then

The Leaders

Back this Thursday!!!!!

Yep, Scouts are back this Thursday 8th Jan 2009. 

7 PM sharp, full Uniform. 

As most of you know, Lisa has a starring role in this years pantomine in Rolestown ( No she is not a ugly sister, she is actually Prince Charming ) we are planning to go along to this Saturday’s ( 10th Jan ) Matinee performance. It is E 10 per Scout. Please check with your parents and let us know on Thursday night if you are available. It should be a bit of a laugh, we can cheer for the baddie and boo Prince Charming!

The Leaders ( except Lisa)

Dates for your diary …

As leaders we are becoming increasingly aware how ‘in demand’ our scouts are.  So to help you plan out your hectic schedule for 2009 we are giving you the dates of our weekends away now.

13th – 15th February – Glenmalure: Lug Challenge – camping and hostelling trip. This is the first weekend of your mid-term break so loads of time to do your homework when you get back.

3rd – 5th April – Killarney – hostelling trip. This is the first weekend of the Easter break so all you Junior Certers will have lots of time to knuckle down after.

16th – 19th April – County Campcraft Competition – Team of 8 representing the troop.

8th – 10th May – Leinster MPC – Team of 4 representing troop  

8th -10th May – County Fun Weekend – Larch Hill – Troop participation TBA.