Raven of the Year

We are running our “Raven of the Year” competition again this year, it has started already and will run up until the end of the Scout year. This will judge the best of the best and points can be picked in a number of different ways. For your chance to be number 1, have a look at the scoring system below and try and earn as many points as you can rack up!

Scoring System

Badges sewn onto shirt5 points

Points Available
Meeting Attendance 15 points
Uniform :-
  Shirt 5 points
  Neckerchief 5 points
  Belt 5 points
  Trousers 5 points
  Shoes 5 points
  Dark socks 5 points
Drill :-
  Winner 30 points
  Runner Up 15 point
Badgework 50 points
Attendance at an Event 50 points

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