No Meeting this Thursday – 2nd May

Hi all,

We will not be having a regular meeting this Thursday because we will be preparing the gear for the Regional Shield competition with the competition team.

If you are part of the competition team can you please meet at the Den at 6:30, no need for uniform just neckerchief.

See you all next week – Thursday 9th May.

Gear List for Mini Shield Weekend (Fri 26th – Sunday 28th April)



Hey hey Ravens

Our Regional Shield team will be heading to Bog of the Ring for a training weekend before the real deal competition the following weekend. We will be leaving the Den at 7pm on Friday night and arriving back at the Den for 12:30 on Sunday afternoon.

If you are on the Competition team, below is what you will need to bring:

All inside a rucksack you can carry on your back.

  • Ground mat
  • Sleeping bag
  • Full change of clothes
  • Uniform
  • Clothes hanger for uniform
  • Wash gear
  • Towel
  • Eating utensils – plate, cup, knife, fork and spoon
  • Tea towel
  • Hat and gloves
  • Spare warm jumper/fleece
  • Full rain gear
  • Torch
  • A few black bags. To be used to keep things dry.
  • Bivvy Bag
  • Toilet roll

If you have them bring them.

  • Small first aid kit
  • Pen knife – if you are allowed.
  • Gear for the sketch / art gear for the log book

Caw Caw Ravens,

We are busy little bees at this time of year! A few things to update you on :

MPCScouts Hiking

There are 8 Scouts from Brackenstown heading down to Munster to take part in the MPC (Mountain Pursuit Challenge) in the Galtee mountains. If you want to know more about the MPC and are interested in future events check out their website here

Best of luck to all the lads (3 Ravens involved – Eoin, Conor and Callum)!  REPRESENT!!

Backwoods – Sunday 14th 11-3pm

Dutch Oven Cooking with a Tri Pod

Dutch Oven with flamesA reminder that we will be doing some backwoods cooking on Sunday at the Den.

We will be starting at 11am and finishing up at 3pm.

Raven of the Year – Leaderboard updated

Worlds Greatest Scout

The competition is heating up as Stefanie’s lead is slashed to just 2 points!!!! James is catching up quickly and Danielle is only 1 point further back. Remember you can gain points be attending events, wearing full uniform, winning drill competition and completing badgework.

Check where you are on the leaderboard here



Well done to everyone who was recently awarded badges. You all put in great work and really earned your badges. Please make sure that you sew them on to your shirt and show them off with pride!!!

If you are unsure where to sew your badge check out the Badgework section of the website or click here

Raven of the Year Leaderboard updated

Worlds Greatest Scout

Hey hey Ravens,

We have just updated the “Raven of the Year” leaderboard. You can have a look at the leaderboard by clicking on the tab at the top or it can be accessed over there ——————————————–>

Stefanie has taken an early lead, with James, Danielle, Tony and Nicole hot on her heels….. less than 10 points behind. There are plenty of points still available and can be earned by attending activities (10 points), meetings in full uniform, earning badges and winning drill competitions!!!

Keep up the great work Ravens and we’ll see who comes out on top at the end of the Scouting year.

Regional Shield Training – Sat 6th April

pioneeringCaw Caw Ravens,

The Regional Shield Competition is coming up soon (May 3rd – 6th) so we’re going to start training at weekends.

There will be training tomorrow from 11 – 3pm at the Den.

If you are interested in putting yourself forward for the team come along tomorrow. No uniform is needed, just necker and bring a bit of lunch.