Another Update

Hi all, just a couple of changes to the plans for Annual Camp.


 We will be travelling in Uniform on Saturday Morning, so you have 2 days to make sure it is looking smart on Saturday.

Mobile Phones  

You can bring your mobile phone,  but just like we did last year, the Leaders will collect and hold the phones, every second day or so we will give them back to you so you can make calls home. 

see you all tonight

The Leaders

Further Update

Hi All, dont forget Troop Meeting this week, starts at 7 PM, no Uniforms.

In relation to the Gear lists, a couple of extra items to bring,  Suncream ,just in case!!!  Also we will be travelling by boat out to the Aran Islands next week, so if you suffer from travel sickness it might be a good idea if you have medication to bring it along. 

As all food and activites are covered in your Camp fee, we have decided that the maximum spending money is € 50. This is the maximum amount allowed, it is not the amount that you have to bring.  We will not be going on any major shopping trip so basically this spending money will be for the local shops . The Leaders will collect this money at the start of Camp.  

We will have a note for your parents on Thursday night which will have  contact details for Leaders and meeting times .

Dont Forget, you must return your Parental consent form to Lisa.

See you all Tthursday

The Leaders 

Update Annual Camp

Hi all. the gear list is available further down the screen. 

There will be a Troop Meeting this Thursday 22nd July. We need all Scouts to pay the final amount for Annual and also return your Parental consent form, this is very important so make sure you return it to Lisa.

We will probably need  some help during the week in finalising the Troop gear, so keep an eye out on this website and facebook for any request for help. 

Important times to note:   Saturday, 24th July. We plan to meet at the hall at 09.00 AM.  Sunday 1st August,we would expect be back at the hall at approx 4.00PM.

Will update with more info during the week. 

The Leaders

Gear List for Annual Camp

Yo Ravens, this is a listing of gear you will need for Annual Camp.

You will all have most of this gear already, remember this is Annual Camp and is an activity based holiday, so therfore it is unwise to bring your brand new designer clothes. There are no catwalks on the campsite!


Right so, here is the list.

Firstly, we will not be bringing our Uniforms, you will have to wear your neckerchief at all times so make sure you bring a couple and also spare woggles.

Hiking boots
A few changes of clothes, yes you can bring more than 2!!!
Good waterproof raincoat with hood
Rain trousers or gaiters
Spare socks, underwear 
Warm fleece , jumper, although its summer !!!
Swim gear
Sun cream
Medications, to be handed to Leaders on Saturday morning.
Insect repellant
personal first aid kit
Survival bag (sometimes called a bivvy bag – available for cheap in outdoor stores)
Eating utensils (Mug, Plate,bowl, knife,fork, spoon )
Sleeping bag
Ground mat
Water bottle
A few black bags (for lining your rucksack if it rains)
Optional Gear (if you have it):
Pen knife
A deck of cards
gifts for the Leaders, it might mean you get an extra piece of ham in your sandwich.
Do not bring:
Mobile Phones
Spray Deoderant (just roll-on – the spray is a fire hazard)
Sheath knives (anything bigger than a penknife will be confiscated)
Markers of any type, you have already been warned.

Do remember that what you bring you carry, and you are responsible for your belongings.

if you have any questions leave a comment.

The Leaders

Back To Scouts

Troop meetings resume this Thursday 15th July for all Scouts going on Annual Camp. Meeting will be from 7.00pm until approx 08.30 pm. No uniforms required just wear your neckerchief.

See you all then

The Leaders

Hi All

Hope you are all enjoying your Holidays.

There will be no meeting this Thursday 8th July. We will be resuming Troop meetings next week ( Thursday 15th July) for all those going on Annual Camp.

Look forward to seeing you all next week.

The Leaders