Directories Deliveries

Hi all,

The directory delivery is happening this Saturday (February 4th). We will meet at the Den at 10am and it will probably take a couple of hours. The more people that help out the quicker it will be, so please come along and help out.

Hope to see you all on Thursday.

Raven Troop Time-lapse – Two hour Meeting in one minute!

Time-lapse is where a camera takes a sequence of photos with an gap of time between each photo. You may have heard the camera clicking in the corner of the Den last week. every time you heard a click it was taking a photo. There were 625 photos taken over the course of the meeting last Thursday – one photo taken every 10 seconds.

Rob put them together to make this awesome video :

Troop photo – Thursday 26th January

Reminder to y’all that there is a photographer coming to the Den on Thursday to take our troop photo. Everyone must have full uniform. As you all already know – full uniform includes shirt, necker, belt, trousers and shoes/hiking boots.

If you want to bring your torch as well we can take some cool photos of light drawings.

No Meeting This Week

No Meeting this Week

We will not be having a meeting this week, but we will get back into the swing of things the week after (Thursday 19th January).

Dates Needed for Annual Camp

If anyone will be away during the summer please let us know as soon as possible (send facebook message/text/email), so we can try work the dates for annual camp to suit most people.

Annual Camp – Dates Needed

‘Sup dudes,
Hope everyone had an awesome time at J to the E to the D to the WARD last night!!

At the moment we are planning this year’s Annual Camp. As always we want every scout to come along. It will be during the Summer holidays, it will be in Ireland and it will be epic! We will try to pick a date that will suit as many scouts as possible.

Can anyone who has Holidays/Gaeltacht/Space Camp/Anything booked for the Summer let us know and we will work the dates around that? Can you please text/email or send us a message through Facebook?
Please let us know as soon as possible because we are going to book in the next week?


OMG – Nearly Jedward Time

Hi all. Happy New Year to you!! For the people who are going to the Panto……We will be meeting at the Den at 5pm this Thursday (5th Jan) & departing shortly afterwards. The show begins at 6:30pm. Everyone must wear full uniform please.
We will be returning to the Den at approx 10pm.