Just to let you all know we will be putting up a whole load of Sean’s ( Our official photographer) pictures in the next few days, there is some really good ones and it looks like he got everybody in a picture at some stage. If you have you any pictures would like to share,  let us know and we can arrange to put them on the site.

Big hello to Sarah and Becky from the UK who have left messages on the site, hope you had a great stay at Huish Woods.  


The Leaders

Great trip

Hi everyone, now that we are all home safe and well, i just want to say thanks to all of you for making Annual Camp a great success. I think all of us will have great memories for a long time to come. A special word of thanks to Lisa, Jannette, Sarah, Ian and John without their help Annual Camp just would not happen. As usual there are a number of items that were left behind on the buses, water bottles that were prizes and one white runner/sneeker ( what ever you guys call them ) so if you have a single white runner let me know and we can get it back to you. 

if you have any photos you want us to put up on the site let us know

Once again thanks to all of you and see you in a few weeks


Here We go

Tomorrow is the big day, meet at hall at 6.15 am, full and perfect uniform. Bring some euro for the ferry if you like.

see you all tomorrow

The Leaders

Getting even closer

Because of the good work done on Thursday there is no need to come to the hall on Friday afternoon. The next time we will all meet will be on Saturday at 3 PM. You need to bring your Haversack ( packed of course ), Passport, E11 and your Spending Money. We will be packing the van for the trip so please do not make any other arrangements before 4.30pm. You can bring your day bag on the bus on Sunday morning.


see you all then

The Leaders

Getting Close

Hi all, just a few days left before we head off on Annual Camp but still lots of work to do. We need all Scouts to help with the sorting and packing of the gear over the next  few days. we are meeting in the den on Thursday and Friday at 3 pm.  On Saturday we will meet at 3 pm to load all the gear and your haversacks into the van. Also on Saturday you  need  to bring your passport and e111 card with you, we have been advised that we actually should bring them with us so we will collect and keep them safe during Camp. We will also collect your spending money on Saturday, remember max is UK 100, as we mentioned on Thursday Bank of Ireland in Main street will waive the commission fee if you mention you are with the Scouts.

Dont forget we are meeting on Sunday morning at 6.15 am ( that means in the morning) so we want to get all this administration stuff done on Saturday.    

NO Troop meeting on Thursday evening.

See you all on thursday afternoon and dont forget to make sure those uniforms are all perfect for Sunday especially your neckerchief.

The Leaders