Thursday 30th January

Hi everyone, hope you are well.

as you know we started to deliver the trade directory last Saturday Morning, many thanks to all the Scouts and their Parents that turned up to help. Unfortunately due to the bad weather we had to cut short the deliveries, therefore we still have some work to do tonight. Please make sure you are wearing warm clothes and raingear tonight, no need to wear your uniform just your neckerchief. We will meet as normal at 7 Pm and finish at 9 Pm. 

see you all then

The Leaders   

Directory Delivery – Saturday 25th January

Hi all, yes it’s that time of Year again. We need all Scouts and as many Parents as possible to help with the Directory delivery this Saturday. Meet at the hall at 9.30 am, wear your neckerchief, and plenty of warm clothes. A day haversack is also very useful. Lunch will be provided. The more poeple that show up the quicker we get finished. Everyone in the Group benefits from the directory, so make sure you play your part this Saturday.

see you then

The Leaders

Panto Arrangements

Hi all, Happy New Year to you and your families from all the Leaders.

All the tickets for the Panto are now gone, we are meeting at the hall at 12.30 on Saturday next 4th January. We should be back at about 5 PM, don’t forget your neckerchief and your ticket money.

Look forward to seeing you all then.