Your mission if you choose to accept it…

Raven Troop - Mission PossibleHi all,

We have listed 10 challenges below. How many can you complete? Your target is 5 (you can do them all if you want!) before next Thursday 7th May. You can ask whoever is at home for help/assistance! You will also need to take a photograph to prove your achievements!

You can then show us your achievements at our next Zoom meeting.
There is a chance of earning Special Interest badges by learning new skills or furthering existing skills!

Mission List

  1. Build a House of Cards at least 3 layers high
  2. Bake a Cake
  3. Prepare a meal for your family – Cookbook
  4. Help in the garden – weeding, watering plants, paint the shed….
  5. Identify and take a photo/draw 3 different types of birds near your house
  6. Setup an obstacle course indoor/in your garden
  7. Design a poster for the Raven Troop (must include a Raven!)
  8. Learn a new magic trick
  9. Replicate a famous painting:
  10. Write and post a letter to another Scout in our troop

Virtual Scout Meeting

Thursday 23rd April
We had our first ever “Raven Troop Virtual Scout Meeting” using Zoom. It was a great way for the Raven Troop to catch up with each other. Scouts were split into teams and set the task of an Alphabet Treasure Hunt!
We also discussed some of the challenges and resources available for young people who may be feeling anxious or stressed about the current situatiuon. There is lots of great advice at the links below:
Scouts and Ventures
Feeling anxious, stressed or worried? Or could you just do with someone to listen? Crisis Text Line is available 24/7 if you want to chat through what is on your mind anonymously. Text SCOUTS to 086 1800 280 to connect with a trained volunteer now. Standard text message rates may apply.


Group pic - names gone