Your mission if you choose to accept it…

Hi all,

We have listed 10 challenges below. How many can you complete? Your target is 5 (you can do them all if you want!) before next Thursday 7th May. You can ask whoever is at home for help/assistance! You will also need to take a photograph to prove your achievements!

You can then show us your achievements at our next Zoom meeting.
There is a chance of earning Special Interest badges by learning new skills or furthering existing skills!

Mission List

  1. Build a House of Cards at least 3 layers high
  2. Bake a Cake
  3. Prepare a meal for your family – Cookbook
  4. Help in the garden – weeding, watering plants, paint the shed….
  5. Identify and take a photo/draw 3 different types of birds near your house
  6. Setup an obstacle course indoor/in your garden
  7. Design a poster for the Raven Troop (must include a Raven!)
  8. Learn a new magic trick
  9. Replicate a famous painting:
  10. Write and post a letter to another Scout in our troop

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