Gearlist for Kerry

We are going to be doing some serious hiking down in Kerry and it is absolutely vital that you have the right gear or you won’t be able to go.

Here we go:

Bring your Neckerchief,  leave your uniform at home
Boots ( wear them rather than carry in haversack)
Rain Gear (top and bottoms)
Survival bag
Three pairs of socks
Spare jumper
Water bottle

Hat / cap

Cup, plate knife, fork, spoon

Small Haversack  (Day bag) 

Two full changes of clothes
Sleeping bag
Toiletries / towel

If you have them:

Map, Camera and a good sense of humour, whingers will be left behind,  either at the hall or on the Mountain

remember you are responsible for all your property so make sure your name is on everything 

any questions, contact one of the leaders


The Leaders

Kerry – This Weekend

The time has arrived, We have been telling you about this for some time, so this weekend we will  be attempting to climb Carrantuohill.

We will be staying in the Killarney International Youth Hostel on Friday 30th of April until Monday 3rd of May.

The cost is  €60 each, this covers Accomodation , food and transport. 

The plan is to meet at the hall on Friday night at 07.30, we will be heading off shortly afterwards so dont be late.

It will be a late arrival into our Hostel on Friday night and everyone will be going  straight to bed,  so make sure you have your dinner before you leave.

The hostel is really good and it has loads of woods for wide games and the like. Check it out here.

Saturday will be a relaxing day viewing the sights of Killarney and planning our hike.

Sunday will be an early rise because     

the plan is to climb this >>>

Weather permitting. [and not from this particular side either]

We also hope to do some lightweight camping in the Hags Glenn as part of it – again weather permitting.

So hopefully we can get a group picture similar to this  >>>>>

Plan is to be home Monday early afternoon.

We need to know as soon as possible how many Scouts are going so please let either Lisa or Shay know whether ornot you are coming with us.

Gear list will follow shortly.

Troop Meeting this Thrsday as normal

see you all the Leaders


Hi everyone, just a few words to say many thanks to all of you,  and your families for the cards and messages about my Dad. To all of you that attended the funeral, a special thank you, it was really nice to see you all there. Looking forward to seeing you all next Thursday.


Dont forget we are going to Kerry for the Bank Holiday weekend, we will put the details up in the next day or so. The cost will be EU 60 each.

Rostrevor March 2010