Well done to each and every Scout who took part in our annual Ready Steady Cook competition today. It was great to see so many Scouts today, showing off their culinary (that means cooking!) skills.

It was a difficult challenge but all 3 Patrols rose to the challenge and got stuck in from the start. After using their pioneering skills to build their altar fires, they got cracking on keeping their fire lit and cooked a tasty 3 course meal….. maintaining high levels of hygiene and safety at all times.

As with all of the activities involved in the Interpatrol competition so far, the scoring was extremely close with only 32 points separating 1st and 3rd place, the Ready Steady Cook results are:

Falcon Patrol – 432 points
Curlew Patrol – 418 points
Eagles Patrol – 400 points

The overall standings can be seen in the Interpatrol Competition section of our website. There are a couple of weeks left in the competition so make sure to keep up the stellar effort!!

Thursday 20th November Meeting and Ready Steady Cook information


A big thanks to Alan and Henry from the Irish Naval Service for visiting us this evening. They inspected our uniforms and were very impressed by the high standards – keep up the great work!!!! High scoring all round!

The competition is really hotting up in the Interpatrol Competition. The highest scorers at tonight’s meeting were The Curlews, scoring highly with all Patrol members at the meeting and getting top marks in the Challenges and Drill. They won’t have it easy though…. The Falcons  and The Eagles are also flying high. Both Patrols completed the Patrol Badge challenge, and all turned up this evening proudly wearing their Patrol badges earning precious points!!! Well done, it was a difficult task but you rose to the challenge!

The full breakdown of scoring can be seen under the Interpatrol Competition tab at the top of this page. It is extremely close at this stage…. anyone can win it:

  1. The Falcons – 1034 points
  2. The Curlews – 1013 points
  3. The Eagles    – 977 points

Ready Steady Cook – Saturday – 11am – 3pm

The money has been distributed….the tasty menus have been planned. We are all set for the annual Ready Steady Cook competition on Saturday. We will be meeting at the Den at 11am. There is a lot of work to be done:Ready Steady Cook CaesarStone Australia (4)

  • Building our fires
  • Keep the fire burning
  • Preparing a 3 course meal
  • Presenting the competition meal
  • Washing up!

Every Scout must wear rain gear and their neckerchief. See you on Saturday!









Thursday 20th and Ready Steady Cook – Saturday 22nd November

Hi all,

We have a few updates before Thursday’s meeting:

Interpatrol CompetitionCurlew Uniform

Thanks again to our guest inspector, Sheila form the order of Malta. Sheila was very impressed with the standard of uniform. We will have guest inspectors for the next few weeks so…. so keep up the high standard!

A full uniform includes Scout Shirt, Neckerchief and Woggle (if you are invested), Scout Belt, Scout Trousers, Dark Socks, Black Shoes or Hiking Boots. A lot of Scouts were recently awarded with badges, these must be sewn onto your shirt. You worked hard to earn them so wear them with pride. You will also receive Troop and Patrol badges which must be sewn onto the top of your right sleeve as shown in the picture (The red Raven badge goes above your Patrol badge)

Keep an eye on here for any updates and leaderboard.

Ready Steady Cook

We will be holding our Annual Ready Steady Cook competition this Saturday 22nd November. Your Patrol must work together to build and maintain your fire and prepare a tasty 3 course meal. We will kick off at 11am and hope to be finished by 3pm. Make sure to bring rain gear and a lunch for yourself (remember your challenge is to cook a meal for 1 person). The competition will be fierce, with your Patrol being judged on :

  • Patrol members presentScout cooking
  • Action Plan (submitted before starting)
  • Teamwork
  • Pioneering
  • Fire Maintenance
  • Safety (trip hazards, bucket of water)
  • Hygiene
  • Presentation
  • Taste
  • Wash up
  • BONUS points


Philae and Rosetta

As you know, the theme of our Interpatrol Competition is Communications…. and as we discussed the robot Philae landed on a comet about 450 million km (or three times the distance to the sun) last week and he was still able to communicate with us. Check out the videos below to find out about his and Rosetta’s 10 year journey through space


Irish Sign Language AlphabetIrish_Sign_Language_ABC's

Tying in with our Communications theme, each Scout was set the challenge of learning how to spell their name using sign language. Lets hope you can all spell your name!



Thursday 13th November

Bird Patrol Badges

Hi All,

Our interpatrol competition kicked off last week and will run all the way to Christmas. Which Patrol is the greatest in the Raven Troop? (Time will reveal all…..). We will spend time on Thursday talking about your Patrol’s identity (ideas for Patrol names in the picture above).

We have set up a new section dedicated to the competition – click on Interpatrol Competition tab at the top of this page to keep updated. You can find out how to earn points for your Patrol so try to rack up as many points as you can!!!

Guest Uniform InspectionFull Uniform - With labels

We will have a guest, who is a Group leader from another Scout Group, visiting this Thursday.

A very high standard of uniform is expected from all Scouts so please ensure you have perfect uniform.

The picture to the right displays all elements of a perfect uniform.




Don’t forget your Interpatrol Competition Booklet as well….. remember this must be brought to every meeting.

See you all on Thursday.



Thanks PLs and APLs – Den Cleanup – Saturday 8th

A massive thank you to all of our PL and APLs who worked their socks off yesterday, helping to clean and organise the equipment in the Den.

Even though it lashed rain we got a lot of jobs done: river_cleanup_pic

  • Cleaned mould from one of the marquees
  • Tidied gear into separate boxes
  • Disposed of two trailer loads of waste from garden, den and around the container
  • Put all of the newer pioneering poles in the space cleared at side of container
  • Repaired Lamps hanging from ceiling in kitchen
  • Got a good start on organising Lightweight tents
  • Organised lost property into boxes
 Thanks for all your effort and hard work.

Thursday 6th November (Interpatrol Competition and Compass Work)

Full Uniform - With labels

Hi all,
We’re back in action tomorrow (Thursday 6th November).

Interpatrol Competition:

The 3 Patrols will be competing against each other to see who is the greatest Patrol in the Raven Troop! There will be many challenges and ways which you can earn points for your Patrol over the next 6 weeks. The Patrol with the most points at the end of the 6 weeks wins – simples!
We will be awarding points for Uniform (pictured to the left), Drill, Challenges, Badgework, Attendance at activities and Patrol Activity. We will also be awarding Bonus Points for any Scouts who go above and beyond the call of duty!!! So, put your best foot forward and start racking up points for your Patrol.

Hillwalking :SNNPCC Orienteering Parts of Silva Compass

We will be doing Map and Compass work tomorrow so if you have a compass, please bring it along to the meeting.

Check out the video below and image to the right, they both explain the main parts of a compass.

See you all tomorrow!