Activity Weekend planned in Rostrevor County Down for the weekend of 20th – 22nd  March. Price is EU 99.00 per Scout. Parents can also go ( Limited places) for EU 135.00 each. More about the weekend at Thursdays meeting.

Annual Camp, as advised last week the dates are 09th August until 18th August. Venue is Huishwoods Campsite in Somerset, Southern England. Cost is EU 280.00 per Scout.

Subs _ any Scout still owing subs will receive a balance statement this Thursday.

See you all

The Leaders

Mid Term Break

Hi All, as is normal we will not have a Troop meeting this Thursday 19th Feb as it is mid term break. However the AGM for the Group is on next Monday 23rd Feb at 8 .00 PM.  We request that at least one parent attend for each Scout. Will put more details up in the next few days.

Enjoy the rest of your break 

The Leaders


The balance of Subs in now due, any Scout who has not paid needs to do so asap.

See you all Thursday

The Leaders

Annual Camp 2009

Ladies and Gents, Annual Camp will take place between 9th – 18th August. The venue is Huishwoods Campsite near Taunton Somerset, in South West England.  The Leaders have visited the site and were very plesaed with what we saw.  We have put together a programme and we believe it will be great holiday. We will be giving more details as well as costs at this weeks meeting.  We had a competition within the Leaders for a motto for camp and Lisa won with

‘ It was suppose to be great in 2008 but it will be mighty fine in 2009″   

Good Yeh?

See you all Thursday

The Leaders

Directory drop

Dont forget this Saturday  7th February is the directory drop, we are meeting in the hall at 9.00 am. We are expecting all Scouts to participate. The directory is the main source of income for our group, it funds the hall and our buses. The more Scouts that turn up the faster we get finished. If any of your parents are available  to help they would be more than welcome. Lunch will be provided. 

The Leaders

Gear list for Glenmalure

Hey dudes, hope you are all getting pumped about heading to Glenmalure. As many of you know now, Glemalure is a super remote hostel in the middle of the Wicklow wilderness so you all have to BE PREPARED!

FYI if the weather stays this bad we may have to abandon plans – so fingers crossed for a quick end to the cold snap.


Right so, here is the list.


Hiking boots 
Two changes of clothes
Good waterproof raincoat with hood
Rain trousers or gaiters
Several pairs of thick socks
Warm Hat & Gloves
Thick jumper
Survival bag (sometimes called a bivvy bag – available for cheap in outdoor stores)
Eating utensils (whatever will get you by)
Sleeping bag
Ground mat
Water bottle
Torch (with extra batteries – you will be using this a lot)
Emergency rations (a few bars or sweets – don’t go over board)
A few black bags (for lining your rucksack if it rains)
Optional Gear (if you have it):
Map of Wicklow (Discovery Series 56)
GPS (or whatever cool nav gear you might have)
Pen knife
A deck of cards
Do not bring:
Mobile Phones
Spray Deoderant (just roll-on – the spray is a fire hazard)
Sheath knives (anything bigger than a penknife will be confiscated)
MP3 players (all personal music players are forbidden)
Electronic games
Fuel or anything the leaders deem a fire risk

Keep checking the website as the plan for the trip will be going up in the next week. Peace Out. 

The Leaders

Yum Yum !!!

What a surprise the cooking competition turned out to be. All the Leaders were totally surprised by the end results. The planning that went into the meals ,the actual cooking of the meals and the end result was excellent. The presentation and the quality was first class. All patrols scored more or less the same for food. Well done to all the PL’s and their patrols, particularly well done to Carla, Devin and all in the Caiseal for a 5 star meal. 

We will get some pictures up asap. 

The Leaders