Gear list for Glenmalure

Hey dudes, hope you are all getting pumped about heading to Glenmalure. As many of you know now, Glemalure is a super remote hostel in the middle of the Wicklow wilderness so you all have to BE PREPARED!

FYI if the weather stays this bad we may have to abandon plans – so fingers crossed for a quick end to the cold snap.


Right so, here is the list.


Hiking boots 
Two changes of clothes
Good waterproof raincoat with hood
Rain trousers or gaiters
Several pairs of thick socks
Warm Hat & Gloves
Thick jumper
Survival bag (sometimes called a bivvy bag – available for cheap in outdoor stores)
Eating utensils (whatever will get you by)
Sleeping bag
Ground mat
Water bottle
Torch (with extra batteries – you will be using this a lot)
Emergency rations (a few bars or sweets – don’t go over board)
A few black bags (for lining your rucksack if it rains)
Optional Gear (if you have it):
Map of Wicklow (Discovery Series 56)
GPS (or whatever cool nav gear you might have)
Pen knife
A deck of cards
Do not bring:
Mobile Phones
Spray Deoderant (just roll-on – the spray is a fire hazard)
Sheath knives (anything bigger than a penknife will be confiscated)
MP3 players (all personal music players are forbidden)
Electronic games
Fuel or anything the leaders deem a fire risk

Keep checking the website as the plan for the trip will be going up in the next week. Peace Out. 

The Leaders

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