Interpatrol Competition

Hi all,

As discussed at our Zoom Meeting yesterday we are starting an Inter-patrol Competition between each of our 3 Patrols. This will run over the next few weeks. Each week your Patrol will be set a task which you must complete to earn points towards the competition. Points will be awarded based on:

  • Participation (amount of Scouts involved)
  • Creativity
  • Efficiency (submitting entries on time)
  • Organisational skills

Each week you will be given opportunities to rack up points so try your best at each challenge and we’ll see who comes out on top, at the end of the competition!!!

Week 1 – Patrol Challenge:

Meet together as a patrol during the week on Zoom or other video contact app.
Each patrol member holds up a word to make a phrase or message. The message can be an inspirational quote or saying which your Patrol can agree on. The Patrol Leader will organise a screenshot to be taken. The screenshot needs to be sent to the leaders at before our meeting next Thursday.

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