Interpatrol Competition – Challenge 2

Raven Troop Interpatrol Competition Poster

Challenge 2  – Patrol Challenge:

The Hazel Patrol have taken an early lead in the Interpatrol competition but don’t worry, there’s plenty more time to catch up!!

The details of Challenge 2 are :
Meet together as a patrol during the week on Zoom or other video contact app.
Get as many members of your patrol involved as possible.

Find at least one object that all of you have in your house…. it could be a book, household item, item of clothing, box of cereal…..

  • Each member of your patrol will hold up the item (or items) so that it can be seen in the screen shot
  • Points will be awarded for :
    • patrols with the most members
    • most amount of common items (can you find 10 items that all of your patrol members have?)
    • creativity – use your imaginations!

The Patrol Leader will organise a screenshot to be taken. The screenshot needs to be sent to the leaders at before our meeting next Thursday.

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