Great trip

Hi everyone, now that we are all home safe and well, i just want to say thanks to all of you for making Annual Camp a great success. I think all of us will have great memories for a long time to come. A special word of thanks to Lisa, Jannette, Sarah, Ian and John without their help Annual Camp just would not happen. As usual there are a number of items that were left behind on the buses, water bottles that were prizes and one white runner/sneeker ( what ever you guys call them ) so if you have a single white runner let me know and we can get it back to you. 

if you have any photos you want us to put up on the site let us know

Once again thanks to all of you and see you in a few weeks


11 comments on “Great trip

  1. Heyy 🙂
    You dont know me.. but i think that we may have met a few of your scouts at huish wood camp site a few days ago and just thought it would be good to drop a comment and say hi.
    p.s Some of your scouts will know me as Sarah 😀

    • 🙂 Lol.. Had to get a photo of 2 of you.. and one of the kids said his name was daryl mcfingle (soz for spelling :L if even his real name) and couldnt find him on facebook or anything… so me and beccy searched internet for your troop 😀

      • hello sarah 😀
        his name is darragh finglton 😀
        this is crazy 🙂 im lost for words cept that on behalf of the gang we love you and youe friend 😀

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