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Hi everybody, hope the exams are going well for the Junior Cert Scouts, to those of you still in School dont worry, you only have a couple of weeks. To those who are already on holidays, you are so lucky! 

We are going camping this weekend to to the ‘Bog of the Ring’. We are going this Friday evening 13th June ( spooky) sometime after 7.00 pm and will be back on Sunday about 2.00 pm. It will be a relaxing weekend, no big hikes!!! so try and come along if you are available. We will need to charge a fee for the weekend and will update the site as soon as we figured out how much it will cost. We will put a recommended equipment list on the site shortly. 

Dont forget you public speaking merit badge, you should have prepared a speech on the topic that was assigned to you, if you have forgotten your topic, pick something else and bring it along. You wont have to speak to the whole troop if you dont feel like it. 

see you all Thursday

The leaders



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