Equipment for Rostrevor

The Mourne Mountains are one of the most beautiful ranges in the country and offer the most challenging terrain on the east coast. Because of this we need to – BE PREPARED.

Things to remember for spending a night in the Mournes:

Temperatures drop one degree for every 100m climbed. So if Met Eireann expect the overnight temperatures to be a comfortable 3-5 degrees we could be camping in below zero temperatures.

Solution: Bring a good sleeping bag with an extra bed sheet inside it for warmth. Also make sure you have a ground mat because when you lie down you lose most of your heat to the ground.

It could be wet. Getting wet and up to your waist in a bog can be a good laugh but it won’t be so funny if you have to sleep in a wet sleeping bag or put on wet clothes the next day.

Solution: Make sure everything in your ruck sack is inside a plastic bag, especially your sleeping bag. Don’t forget full rain gear; head to toe. This is essential.

Solution: Make sure you have a survival bag. This is a big orange bag that they sell for about a fiver in outdoor shops. The idea is that if you are caught out at night you get into it and it keeps you warm and protected from the elements. You will also need a torch (preferably a head torch) with spare batteries (essential) and a whistle.



Rain jacket with hood

Rain trousers

Boots (with ankle support)

Survival bag

Torch (preferably head torch)

Spare batteries for torch


Warm hat and gloves

A few black bags (to make rucksack waterproof)


Two complete sets of warm clothes

A spare jumper or fleece


Eating and wash gear



Map of the Mournes



Pen knife



Blades bigger than 6 inches

Ghetto blasters (We are having a big problem with these guys – come on. And if half of you are going to have one slung across your shoulder for the entire weekend can you please refrain from playing the MC Hammer classic ‘U can’t touch this’. Thanks)

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