Inter Patrol Competition starts 15Oct09

Hi all, now that our new patrols have been set up it is time for the competition to begin. There will be various tasks and challenges where each Patrol acting as a Patrol will be able to earn points but the one area that each individual Scout can help their Patrol, is their uniform. You must be wearing all parts of your uniform (that includes proper footwear) in order to score full marks. You must also be in the hall for the meeting start at exactly 7PM each Thursday or else you will be late and will not be included in inspection. We will put more information up over the next couple of days so keep a watch.

See you all Thursday

The Leaders

One comment on “Inter Patrol Competition starts 15Oct09

  1. hi all ,
    its me the friendly neighbourhood dragon just to say that the pl training was really good but the people were very very VERYYYYY quiet not my cup of tea. I learned a load of games and cool stuff to show 😀 thanks to vinny and skipper for a great weekend and shay for the transport. bye

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