Bear Grylls Weekend

***WARNING you need to say you are going on this TODAY – TUESDAY FEBRUARY 9***

This is very short notice but we are going to Knockree this weekend for some really extreme Bear Grylls awesomeness.

We will be leaving the Den on Friday 12th Feb at 8pm staying in the hostel the first night and then doing a full day of backwoods – building shelters and cooking – on Saturday and then Bivi-ing or camping that night (providing the weather is okay).

It’s going to be bitterly cold so the following are absolutely essential – and will be checked in the Den.

1. Hiking boots
2. Pairs of thick socks
3. 3 warm jumpers
4. Sleeping bag
5. Rain Gear top and bottoms
6. Warm Hat
7. Warm gloves
8. Torch with spare batteries
9. Ground mat
10. Bivi/Survival Bag
11. Mug for drinking tea out of all night
12. Eating utensils
13. Emergency rations

These things are absolutely flippin’ essential – just to make that point.

The patrol who won the Hiker Challenge will be announced and a prize will be given out for the most extreme ‘Bear Grylls’ style activity* on the weekend.

You have to contact Lisa TODAY to get a place we need to book pronto.

*This does not include killing or terrorising livestock or wildlife.

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