Expedition essentials

For those of you brave enough for the ultimate wilderness challenge of this years County Expedition we have some prepared a gearlist.

He hears the call of the wild - do you?

This Thursday you will be given your tents and cooking gear for the trip to split between yourselves. On Friday you will be getting the food. I’ll have the maps and compasses for the patrols.

We will be meeting at the den at half six on Friday – make sure to have a dinner in you first. Home around 2pm on Sunday.

Personal gear: 1. Hiking boots
2. Rain gear (top and bottoms)
3. Torch (with spare batteries)
4. Sleeping bag (with sleeping mat)
5. Eating utensils
6. One change of clothes
7. Spare jumper
8. Hat and Gloves
9. Personal emergency rations
10. Survival bag and whistle
11. Toilet roll and wash gear

All packed inside a rucksack lined with black bags – not hanging out.

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