Gearlist for County Campcraft Competition

Hi all,
Check out the gearlist below for everything you need for the weekend in Bog of the Ring.
Also we are looking for parents to drive us down there at quarter to seven on Friday evening. It’s just a 15 minute drive from Swords so if you could ask your Mam or Dad that would be great. (The busses will be with the cubs for the weekend).
Also we will need picking up at 3pm from Bog of the Ring on Sunday.

Raingear (top and bottoms)
Two changes of clothes
Spare jumper
Hat and gloves
Full and correct uniform (packed as neatly as possible – if you arrive without full uniform you will be sent home to get it)
Neckerchief and woggle
Eating utensils (Plate, bowl, cup, knife, fork, spoon)
Wash gear
Ground mat
Sleeping bag
Torch (with spare batteries)
Personal first aid kit (tin with a few plasters and maybe a bandage)
Emergency rations (a pack of biscuits not a full sweet shop)
Water bottle
Pen knife (if your parents allow it)

Hope that sums everything up. If I’m missing anything leave a comment.
The Leaders

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