France – update 12 July 11

Hi all, dont forget you must bring your packed case/haversack down to the hall on Friday evening at 7pm. It will be loaded onto the bus and you will not see it again until we arrive at our destination.  

We have ordered the T shirts and may have them by Friday evening,  if so we will ditribute them at that time. Each Scout will be issued with 1 T shirt for travelling over and back, if you wish to purchase a second one there will be a charge of € 12.50. You can wait until you see the T shirts then make up your mind. 

Can you please return any oustanding medical and consent forms on Friday, also we will collect Passports and E 1-11 cards. 

If you wish, you can also bring along your spending money, place it in an envelope ( not brown)  with your name and the amount clearly written. Please try to get smaller value notes. Remember when you are asking for your spending money, its most likely your parents have paid for your trip and all your activities and food etc are paid for !!!

if you have any questions, leave a message or send a text

when you read this, please pass on the information to others that are travelling  

see you Friday 

The Leaders           

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