France update 16July11

Hi all, now that our luggage is on its way to France, its time to concentrate on getting ourselves there. We will meet at 12.noon in Terminal 1, there is a check in area 5 which has a bit of space in front of it, so we will meet there. You should wear your Tee shirt, Neckerchief, Scout Trousers, black/navy shoes or hiking boots, please do not wear sneakers/runners. Remember you can only have 1 piece of hand luggage, so make sure everything fits in your day bag, dont carry any drinks with you, they will be taken off you at security. You will have some spare time once we clear security and you can buy drinks / sweets etc, so if you have a small amount of your own money, you can bring it to spend.

If you have any questions give one of the leaders a shout.

see you all on Tuesday

The Leaders

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