Larch Hill – Fri 27th-Sun 29th April

Yo dudes,
We are all systems go for Larch Hill next weekend (Fri 27th – Sun 29th).
We will be leaving on Friday evening and coming back on Sunday afternoon. We will see you all at the meeting next Thursday and talk about the specific times. We hope you all can make it!!

The price for the weekend is €20.

Below is the usual gear list for camp :
1. Ground mat
2. Sleeping bag
3. Full change of clothes
4. Wash gear
5. Towel
6. Eating utensils – plate, cup, knife, fork and spoon
7. Tea towel
8. Hat and gloves
9. Spare warm jumper/fleece
10. Full rain gear
11. Torch
12. A few black bags. To be used to keep things dry.
13. Toilet roll
14. Necker

All inside a rucksack you can carry on your back.

If you have them bring them.
1. Small first aid kit
2. Pen knife – if you are allowed.

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