Change of Plans – Sunday 10th March

downloadHi All,

So the weather decided to change our plans – we’ll do the cycle in the Phoenix Park at a later date. The guy that does the bike hire won’t be open on Sunday due to weather – there may even be snow!

We’re going to head to the awesome Shackleton Exhibition, check out the legend that is Tom Crean and his mates (a bit of snow wouldn’t have stopped them!!!) and then head to the cinema after.

You can check out the exhibition here : Shackleton Exhibition

They do a Scout rate cos it’s so suited to us. It’ll be €2.70 to get into the Exhibition, then there’ll be the price of the cinema and fuel for the bus.

We’ll have a final price tomorrow. Don’t forget your Special Interest Badge material. Also, each Patrol will be presenting their Patrol Activity.

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