Larch Hill – 22nd-24th November

Hi all,

As you all know, we will be heading to Larch Hill this weekend. There are still a few spaces available so let us know on Thursday if you are interested in coming along. We are hoping to get as many Scouts as possible to come along! Below are the details.

Meeting Time:    Friday at 6:45pm
Meeting Place:    The Den
Return Time:      Sunday at 2:00pm

Below is the list of gear everyone will need for next weekend. We will be sleeping in the lodge in dorms – you need to bring sleeping bags.

The weather forecast for the Larch Hill area can be seen here so warm clothes will be needed!!

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”

Gear List :

1. Neckerchief
2. Ground matpacking
3. Sleeping bag
4. Full change of clothes
5. Spare warm jumper/fleece
6. Hat and gloves
7. Wash gear
8. Towel
9. Tea towel
10. Torch
11. A few black bags. To be used to keep things dry.

For the hike:

1. Hiking boots
2. Rain gear – top and bottom
3. Day bag
4. Thick jumper
5. Emergency rations (sweets)
6. Survival bag (bivi bag)
7. Platypus/Water Bottle
8. Whistle

All inside a rucksack you can carry on your back.

If you have them bring them.
1. Small first aid kit
2. Pen knife – if you are allowed.

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