Welcome to our new Ravens!


It was great to see all our Scouts tonight, with a very special welcome to our new Ravens – Aoife, Chloe, David, Harry, Heather, Jamie, Nicole and Séan!!

Saturday Campcraft:

We are meeting at the Den on Saturday to practice our Campcraft Skills – putting up tents, lighting fires and cooking. It’d be great if all Scouts could make it. It will be from 12 – 2pm and we will have lunch at the Den (which will be cooked by some Scouts)! Hope to see you all then.

Meeting Place:   The Den
Meeting Time:   12pm – 2pm


Glendalough Trip:

We will be heading away to Glendalough for a weekend soon…… We will be heading off on Friday 17th and coming back on Sunday 19th October. We will be staying in 2 houses and there will be lots of activities, a hike and plenty of craic so put it in your diaries now! We will have full details of price etc at next weeks meeting. 



Secret Challenge:

This was not announced at this evening’s meeting….. because it’s a secret challenge….. The challenge is….. The first Scout to go up to Chuckie at the Campcraft training on Saturday and say the phrase “Ravens fly high” will be rewarded with a prize.

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