Panto Tickets – Thursday 6:30 – 7pm and Our Raven’s Name

Panto Tickets – 6:30- 7pm 

As you all know, we have finished our regular meetings for 2014, but Shay will be at the Den to take a deposit of €10 for the remaining Panto tickets…… Oh yes he will!

For your last chance to secure tickets, drop down between 6:30pm and 7pm tomorrow (Thursday 18th)

Raven Troop Mascot

We met our newest member a couple of weeks ago and he/she hasn’t got a name yet! He/she loved bowling with us last week, but has since taken flight to The Big Apple and has sent back a couple of photos from New York. We need to give him/her a name…… cast your vote below. Or add a comment if the name you want is not listed.


10846413_10153001954434274_3157278697351190399_n 10857942_10153003902209274_1024817623174688870_n










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