Scout County Camp – This weekend (2nd – 4th October)

Hi all,

Hope you are all enjoying the “summer” weather….lets hope the weather keeps up for this weekend! We’ll be hoping to top up our tans while we’re camping in Larch Hill! A reminder that the cost of the weekend is €30

We will be leaving on Friday evening and returning on Sunday afternoon. There were a couple of Scouts who may have to be picked up early – the location and directions to the centre can be found here  

We have listed the gear list below. Note the weather forecast is here but this can easily change. Let’s live by our motto and “be prepared” for all types of weather. We will be hiking and camping outdoors the whole time so make sure you have clothes to keep you warm and dry.

  • Neckerchief
  • Full raingear (Trousers, and Jacket: Must be water proof)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Ground mat
  • Survival Bag (Bivvy Bag)
  • Eating utensils (Spoon, Fork, Knife, Plate, Bowl and Cup)
  • Clothes for two days
  • Hiking boots
  • Tea towel
  • Towel
  • Wash gear
  • Spare warm jumper
  • Hat and Gloves
  • sun cream
  • Torch – preferably a head torch with spare batteries
  • A rucksack to put it all in
  • Plastic Bags
    • Optional
  • Penknife (If allowed by your parents)
  • Personal first aid kit – a few plasters and whatever you can get
  • Any Camelot related gear you may have!

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