Emergencies resources

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We have added some of the resources and videos that we used in last week’s meeting below. These will be available under the Badgework -> Adventure Skills section of our website as well.
The approach that we use when assessing a casualty is DR ABCDE 
On this page we have some useful information and videos which we use when treating a casualty.

Primary Survey
Hands only CPR
Baby CPR
Save a choking baby

The DR ABCDE steps are summarised in the table below:


Danger • Is the surrounding area safe?
• Look for danger
• Why has the casualty become a casualty in the first place?


Response • Is the casualty conscious or not?
• Introduce yourself
• Squeeze and shout


Airway • If unconscious, look in the mouth for obstruction and clear if you can
• Open the airway using head tilt/chin lift manoeuvre


Breathing • Is the casualty breathing?
• Look, listen and feel for breathing – 10 secondsIf not breathing normally, start CPR


Circulation • Is the heart working?
• Look for colour, check pulse
• Look for major bleeding and treat if found


Deformity • Examine the casualty from head to toe
• Look, listen and feel for deformity, swelling, bruising, loss of function, bleeding, pain
• Compare one side of the body with the other
  Place unconscious casualty in safe airway/recovery position


Emotion • Reassure casualty
• Talk to them as much as you can
• Monitor vital signs
• Consider the environment

Primary Survey

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Hands only CPR

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Baby CPR

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Save a choking baby

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