Larch Hill – Hostelling – Friday 13th


Hi all,

We will be heading to Larch Hill this weekend and staying in the Centenary Lodge Hostel. We will be meeting on Friday at 7pm, travelling to Larch Hill and heading out on the hills on Saturday. We will be staying in a hostel but everyone will need lots and lots of warm clothes and rain gear (rain coat with a hood and rain trousers).

We are aiming to be back at the Den on Sunday at 1pm. The cost of the weekend is €25.

The full gear list is below:


– Neckerchief
– Full raingear (Trousers, and Jacket with hood: Must be water proof)
– Sleeping bag
– Survival Bag (Bivvy Bag)
– Warm Clothes
– Hiking boots
– Towel
– Wash gear
– Hat and Glovespacking

– Torch – preferably a head torch with spare batteries
– A rucksack to put it all in
– Plastic Bags

Bring the following if you have it:

– A penknife (if you have permission from your parents)
– A basic first aid kit
– Flint & Steel
– Compass
– Watch

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