Wednesday 20th Updates

Hi all,
We’ve a few updates and dates for diaries before tomorrow’s meeting:
Registration Forms 📜
– Can you please return registration forms tomorrow if you haven’t already done so.

7th December
– We have an activity planned for Saturday 7th December…. mark it in your diary! Full details to follow…

12 Days of Christmas tickets 🎅🎄🎅
We gave each scout a set of raffle tickets last Thursday. Itd be great if all ticket books (sold/unsold) are returned by Thursday 5th of December

– There will be a Group investiture on Friday 29th November. New members of sections will he invested into their new section on the 29th. All scouts will need full uniform for the ceremony. This consists of shirt, scout trousers,belt,woggle,dark footwear and neckerchief (164th Brackenstown). Uniforms can be bought online and delivered to your house. The Scout Shop on Liffey St. has the different sizes for trying on but don’t sell them, they are just there for sizing.


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