Interpatrol Competition

The Interpatrol Competition kicked off on Thursday 30th October.

The 3 Patrols will battle it out over 6 weeks, gathering as many points as they can. Good luck to everyone and may the best Patrol Win.

Current Leader Board

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Patrol Activity

The Patrol Activity is worth a whopping 300 points with 100 bonus points for the most unique or creative activity. Some Patrols already have their activity planned and will be doing it soon……… is your Patrol one of them? With all of the points on offer I would advise you to get cracking soon! (There may be Bonus points for the first Patrol to complete an activity)

Uniform Inspectionsuniform-badge-placement

We will have Guests down every week to do inspections. Perfect uniforms are a vital part of the competition and 50 points are on offer for a perfect uniform. The points are broken down as follows:

Timekeeping Shirt Necker Trousers Belt Shoes Total
5 points 15 points 10 points 10 points 5 points 5 points 50 points


The standard of Drill is exceptionally high, it is getting harder and harder to knock you out!
The winner of Drill will earn there Patrol  50 points with the Scout in second place earning 25 points



Bonus PointsBonus-Points2

Bonus points can be awarded for a lot of things – working together, helping someone else out, enthusiasm, special challenges and basically trying your best! A lot of you have earned bonus points for your Patrol by helping others out and getting stuck in!! Keep up the great work everyone!

8 thoughts to “Interpatrol Competition”

  1. It’s not over yet! The Patrol Activity can be done between now and Thursday. It’s worth a whopping 400 points….. Any Patrol could win it!

    1. Nope. The Interpatrol Competition will finish on Thursday, but Raven of the Year will continue on for the rest of the Scout Year…… you can build on the points already earned!

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