Gear List for weekend in Glenmalure

Glenmalure is a pretty remote place so it is important that all scouts are PREPARED before going there. As the motto goes:  Be Prepared!


Right so, here is the list.


Hiking boots 
Two changes of clothes
Good waterproof raincoat with hood
Rain trousers or gaiters
Several pairs of thick socks
Warm Hat & Gloves
Thick jumper
Survival bag (sometimes called a bivvy bag – available for cheap in outdoor stores)
Eating utensils (whatever will get you by)
Sleeping bag
Ground mat
Water bottle
Torch (with extra batteries – you will be using this a lot)
Emergency rations (a few bars or sweets – don’t go over board)
A few black bags (for lining your rucksack if it rains)
Optional Gear (if you have it):
Map of Wicklow (Discovery Series 56)
GPS (or whatever cool nav gear you might have)
Pen knife
A deck of cards
Do not bring:
Mobile Phones
Spray Deoderant (just roll-on – the spray is a fire hazard)
Sheath knives (anything bigger than a penknife will be confiscated)
MP3 players (all personal music players are forbidden)
Electronic games
Fuel or anything the leaders deem a fire risk

Keep checking the website as the plan for the trip will be going up in the next week. Peace Out. 

The Leaders

9 comments on “Gear List for weekend in Glenmalure

  1. Ian !!! u sooo wrote that ! (Hense the navagation gear) …. aw bless ya . u shud have been a geography teacher not a jouralist!! lol 🙂
    but in aneways cnt wait … gona be fun !!

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