Trip to Glenmalure

I hope you are all getting in gear for our venture into the wilds next weekend. We have put together a jam-packed schedule for the trip, with loads of hiking, wide games and embracing the rugged conditions. Let’s hope no one ends up in tied to a tree…


Trip goals – (1) Everyone can put up a light weight tent (2) Everyone can use a trangie (3) Everyone can recognise the basic features on a map (4) Everyone can take and follow a bearing on a compass (5) Everyone has fun

1900 Leave scout den in Swords
2100 Arrive at Glenmalure hostel – Unpack gear and claim beds then cup of tea.
2200 Wide game in the woods – Game ‘Lights Out’
0000 Back in to warm by fire – tea and biscuits – Star scouts prepare route card and lunch for climb tomorrow.
0100 Bed
0700 Star scouts wake to prepare for Summit
0730 Star scouts breakfast and gear check
0800 Star scouts leave to climb Lugnaquillia (925) via Clohernagh (800) while everyone else wakes up.
0900 Breakfast
1000 Gear check and prepare lunches
1100 Leave for hike to Benleagh (689) Map and compass bases along the way
1230 Arrive at Benleagh and return to Fraughan Rock Glen
1300 Troop meet back up with Star scouts in Fraughan Rock Glen – Lunch
1400 Inter-patrol tent pitching and trangie working competition (if conditions are good)
1500 Game of ‘Bulldog’ in the heather (if conditions are good)
1600 Head back to hostel
1700 Prepare Dinner
1800 Dinner
1900 Chill out
2000 Wide Game in the woods – ‘Capture the flag’
2200 Back inside for tea and biscuits and warm by the fire
0000 Bed
0800 Wake up
0900 Breakfast
1000 Inter-patrol map reading and compass work competition
1100 Pack-up, clean-up, and out
1200 Final parade – ‘Scout of the camp’ announced
1300 Head home

For a virtually uninhabited valley in south Wicklow, Glenmalure has played two big parts in Irish history, once in 1798 and once in 1580. The first scout to recount the history of the those two dates to Shay when we get to the hostel earns a bonus point for scout of the year competition. A good place to start is here.

The scout who can sing this song in its entirety gets five bonus points.

The Leaders

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