Jamboree News

Hi all, if you still owe money for the Jamboree, please make every effort to pay by this Thursday 24th July. If you need to know the balance that you owe, send a text to Shay and he will advise. This thursday will be our last full meeting before we go so make sure you are down on time and in Uniform. We are planning to have a very short meeting for your parents next week, we will give you details on Thursday. 

Important – Important – Important

On the Wednesday of the Jamboree each Scout Troop have been assigned a Country that they must adopt for the day. We have got ROMANIA, so we need your help. We need to find out as much as possible about Romania i.e. traditonal food, dress music and customs. We will need to transform our site into Romania for the day so think about it over the next couple of days and we will discuss on Thursday. 

see ya

The Leaders

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