Gear list for Jambo

It’s only a matter of days to the Jamboree in Punchestown. 9 days, 6 hours, 36 minutes and 58 seconds to be precise [correct at time of posting]. I hope you are all getting seriously pumped about it. To help you all with your final preparations here is a gear list for the week.


1. Full scout uniform – with all badges in correct place

2. Brackenstown t-shirt if you have one

3. 2 pair shorts (one for swimming)

4. T-shirts, socks, underwear as required

5. High factor sun cream

6. Sun hat & warm hat

7. Knife fork cup bowl spoon mug, tea towel

8. Insulating ground Mat

9. Sleeping bag

10. Wash kit

11. Spending money

12. Towel

13. Warm jumper/Fleece

14.Warm trousers

15. 1 litre Water bottle

16. Insect repellent

17. A few goodies for emergencies

18. Hiking boots, runners

19. Medication, where required with prior notice to the leaders

20. Torch – with spare batteries


22. Personal first aid kit – a few plasters, bandage, small scissors, Savlon.

22. As part of our Romania theme day – we are asking everyone to bring a vampire outfit for our Dracula Show – fangs, cape, white face paint and lots of fake blood please.

No mobile phones or ghetto blasters permitted


All gear must be fully packed in a haversack

So Get Packing!

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