Almost time to go to Jamboree 08

Hi all, only a few days to go before we depart for the Jamboree. Just some things to remember.

We are meeting at 07.30 am on Saturday at the hall. Dont be late, we have to pack the van and must be on the road asap. 

You do not have to wear your uniform on Saturday Morning. Just your neckerchief and your Scout Tee Shirt if you have one.

Bring your Uniform in a plastic bag with your name on it, you definitely need it for Saturday’s opening ceremony. 

 The maximum amount of spending money you can bring is €150. You dont have to bring this much, but certainly dont bring anymore.

if you were not at the meeting with your Parents, please make sure you have filled out a Mdeical consent form and pass to one of the leaders. 

If your family intend to visit on open day 6th August, they must advise names and Car Reg before we go, as they require passes for each person and the car. 

You may bring along MP3’s and speakers, CD players ( battery operated) but remember they are your responsibility.  If you have a radio bring it along, the Jamboree has its own FM station.

You can bring a mobile phone, they will be held by the leaders during the day and you can use for a while in the evenings. 

Dont forget your Dracula costume for Romania day. 

Remember we are camping so ditch all the fancy clothes, three quarter lenghts and shorts are the dress for camp.

Put your name on everything.

The Dubs play in the All Ireland 1/4 final on Saturday 9th so  bring your flags and Jerseys and we will decorate our site. 

Bring whistles, drums, any thing that makes noise, these are required for the opening ceremony.

And lastly bring along your best mood, leave all those Teenage and pre-teen  whinges behind, We are going on holidays.

check the site over the next couple of days for any updates.

The leaders

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