Update 18Nov09

Hi all, just to let you  know that tomorrow night 19Nov there is a County Scout forum on in Swords Scout den, this is a special meeting for all PL’s, APL’s and Scouts over 14. This is a chance for you Scouts to have a say in what hapens in the County for you guys, therefore we are hoping that all those who qualify will attend. We will arrange transport there and back.  

Because of the Scout forum and things to be done for the weekend away, tomorrow nights Troop meeting will finish early at 08.00PM.  It is still a uniformed meeting and inspectiion will take place as normal. 

We need to know exactly  who is coming away this weekend so please make sure you have your € 20 with you tomorrow night. Also please bring back all 12 days draw Tickets, wheteher you have sold them or not, we have to return them to HQ this week. 

We will be leaving at about 7PM on Friday night and getting home about 2.00PM on Sunday afternoon, so make sure you have your dinner on Friday night and your name is in the pot for Sunday dinner. 

see you all Thursday

The Leaders

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